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Oregon Congressional District 2 Candidate, Joyce Segers + Fallout from Farm Bill Expiration

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Sep 27, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- September 27, 2012, HOUR 1

Congressional Candidate Joyce Segers

Running for Congress in Oregon's Second Congressional District is a daunting prospect.  Just in sheer size, the district is one of the biggest in the country.  And the office is held by longtime incumbent Greg Walden, who is very high up in the house Republican chain of command.  Joyce Segers of Ashland is undaunted, running once again to defeat Walden.  She'll join us for a candidate interview. 

Farm Bill Foulup

Congress left Washington and left a lot of pending business on the table until after the election.  That business includes passing a new farm bill, regulating everything from crop price supports to food stamps.  And since the current farm bill expires at the end of September, the country would (in theory) revert to the 1949 bill.  Linfield College economics professor Eric Schuck will join us to explain what likely will and will not happen  before Congress passes another farm bill.