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Rep. Wally Hicks, Oregon House District 3 + Oregon Days of Culture

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Sep 28, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- September 28, 2012, HOUR 1

Oregon House Candidate Wally Hicks

The next few weeks may feel like all-politics all the time in the major media... October is often the month in which elections are won and lost, and it is the month in which voting starts in Oregon.  We continue our interviews with legislative, congressional and statewide candidates with Wally Hicks, incumbent Republican in Oregon House District 3, including Grants Pass and the Illinois Valley.

Time for Culture

The cooler days of early October are also days to take in some cool aspects of Oregon culture.  Oregon Days of Culture, October 1-8, expand on the single-day format of previous years and celebrate culture with a number of events around the state.  Christine D'Arcy of the Oregon Cultural Trust gives the details.