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James Buchal, candidate, Oregon Attorney General + Do Not Call List

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Oct 1, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- October 1, 2012, HOUR 1

Attorney General Candidate James Buchal

James Buchal is running for Attorney General in Oregon, and he got onto the ballot through an unusual pathway: a write-in campaign.  Neither Buchal nor any other Republican filed to run in the primary last May, so the write-in votes put Buchal on the general election ballot, facing Democrat and appointed Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.  You'll hear Buchal's take on the issues facing the AG's office.  

Do NOT Call

Just as you sit down to dinner, the phone rings.  If you don't have the benefit of caller ID, you might pick up the phone to fine a person asking you to buy something, or at least try a product or service for a while.  Many people put their names on "Do Not Call" lists to avoid such calls, yet the calls continue.  We'll talk to a rep from the Federal Trade Commission about your rights--and the rights of the companies calling.