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Oregon Long Term Care 3.0 + Jim Reed, candidate, California Congressional District 1

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Oct 2, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- October 2, 2012, HOUR 1

Long Term Care 3.0

It is true that there is frequently news about seniors and their care, but it is also true that more and more people will enter the ranks of seniors in the next couple of decades.  So the state of Oregon will hold a series of meetings to discuss concepts for what the state calls "Long Term Care 3.0", a new vision for the long-term care of seniors.  You'll hear about the current vision and how it might evolve.

Congressional Candidate Jim Reed

What was once California's 2nd congressional district is now the 1st.  Different number, pretty much the same place: Redding, Chico, and a whole lot of open spaces.  Wally Herger is retiring, leaving the seat to the winner of a race between State Senator Doug La Malfa and Fall River Mills lawyer/rancher Jim Reed.  Reed will join us to lay out his vision for the district.