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Assemblyman Jared Huffman, candidate California Congressional District 2 +

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Oct 11, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- October 11, 2012, HOUR 1

California Congressional Candidate Jared Huffman

Both of the California Congressional Districts in our region get new representatives with this election.  Redistricting put Humboldt and Mendocino counties into a new Second Congressional District, and Representative Mike Thompson is running in a new district closer to San Francisco.  So Democrat Jared Huffman and Republican Dan Roberts face each other.  Huffman will join us to lay out his vision for the district.

The Sides Pick You

If your eyes have long since glazed over from the glut of information (spun and not) emerging from the presidential campaign, there is another way to find your ideal presidential candidate.  It's less about picking sides than figuring out which side is more embracing of your views.  The website lets voters answer questions about their views on a number of issues, then the site indicates which candidate's views those most resemble.