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Daniel Roberts, candidate California Congressional District 2 + Rising Sea Levels in Humboldt Bay

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Oct 12, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- October 12, 2012, HOUR 1

California Congressional Candidate Dan Roberts

Oregon listeners saw few changes in their congressional districts.  Not so in California, where redistricting and retirement changed numbers and names on both of the districts in the far north.  Humboldt and Mendocino counties are now in the second congressional district, and Republican Dan Roberts wants to represent it.  You'll meet him and his stands on the issues today.

Humboldt Bay Rising

Rising sea levels do not generally make front page news (yet, perhaps), but they are a source of concern around Humboldt Bay, where a majority of the shoreline is made of dikes and other artificial structures.  You'll hear an update on the efforts of the California Coastal Conservancy and other groups to address the Humboldt Bay situation and its possible remedies.