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Brian Dahle, candidate, California Assembly District 1 + 4th Estate Project

The Jefferson Exchange

Release Date: 10/15/2012

Jefferson Exchange -- October 15, 2012, HOUR 1

California Assembly Candidate Brian Dahle

California's "top two" primary system went into effect this year, and the general election ballot shows the results.  The top two candidates in state Assembly district 1 were both Republicans, so Brian Dahle and Rick Bosetti will face each other in the November vote.  Our interviews with candidates for legislative, congressional and statewide offices continue today; Brian Dahle will join us for his take on the issues facing District 1.

Fourth Estate Project

Don't hate them because their charts are pretty.  The Fourth Estate Project aims to put coverage of the 2012 election on a more factual basis, by analyzing news coverage of candidates and campaigns and presenting the analysis visually on the web.  You'll hear how the project got started and the goals behind it.