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West Coast Live + Valor in the Pacific National Monument Planning

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Nov 8, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- November 8, 2012, HOUR 1

West Coast Live in Ashland

The variety show West Coast Live, heard here on JPR, hits the road for a show in Ashland this weekend.  WCL will record a (not quite live) show on Friday night at the Angus Bowmer Theater at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  WCL host Sedge Thomson will join us to talk about his show and the task of taking it on the road.

Internment Camps Remembered

It's not a proud moment in American history, but it's worth remembering: the confinement of Japanese-Americans in camps during World War II.  Camp sites in the Klamath Basin are included in the Valor in the Pacific National Monument created four years ago, including the Tule Lake unit.  You'll hear about a planning process underway to figure out how best to use the unit.