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Postmortem on Defeat of Prop 37 + "Vistas of Many Worlds"

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Nov 9, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- November 9, 2012, HOUR 1

GMO Aftermath

A GMO food labelling measure in California failed in this week's election, but did Proposition 37 fail fairly?  A public health lawyer and the president of "Eat Drink Politics," Michele Simon blames a well-funded opposition campaign that employed misinformation.     

What in the Universe...?

Extended opportunities for stargazing are a happy consequence of lengthening winter nights, but for amateur astronomers, night-sky contemplation offers opportunities for deeper questions than mere naming of the stars and constellations: what would our Sun look like from Alpha Centauri? How did the star-studded sky appear to our ancient ancestors?  Author, artist, and astronomer Erik Anderson answers these questions with words and pictures in his book, "Vistas of Many Worlds."