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The Case for Not Bombing Iran + Eugene Plans for Friendlier Street

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Nov 16, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- November 16, 2012, HOUR 1

The Case for No War

It is much safer to be an Iranian dissident in a place other than Iran.  Reza Mohajerinejad participated in student protests while he lived in Iran, but ultimately got out of the country.  Now he comments on events and people connected to Iran, and he'll return to Ashland on Monday to make the case for western countries not to bomb Iran.  

Fixing the Street

You don't have to be an engineer or architect to help design a street in Eugene.  The city is drawing up plans for a redesign for a major street, South Willamette Street, from 24th to 32nd Avenues.  The city took input earlier this week; we'll talk about the ideas that came in, and how they'll be incorporated into the project.