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Oregon Hunger Survey + Oregon Homeless Students

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Nov 20, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- November 20, 2012, HOUR 1

Persistent Hunger

"Welfare state" notwithstanding, a lot of people still go hungry in America, skipping a meal or two every now and then, experiencing what has been retitled "food insecurity".  The Oregon Food Bank not only attempts to reduce the problem, it follows trends as well.  We'll visit with the food bank's Janeen Wadsworth about the current status of hunger in Oregon--and which way the trend appears to be going. 

In School but Homeless

The concept of "homework" takes on a whole new complexion when a student does not have a permanent home.  And the state of Oregon says more than 20,000 students in K-12 education meet the definition of homeless.  You'll hear about programs in place to help children keep up with their schoolwork while their housing situation is in flux.