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Road Usage Pilot Program + Alternative Proposal for SOU

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Nov 27, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- November 27, 2012, HOUR 1

Pay By the Mile

Electric cars and hybrids may be good for gas mileage and air quality, but they pose an issue for Oregon: cars that use less or no gasoline pay little or no gasoline taxes--and those fund road maintenance.  The concept of a per-mile tax instead of a per-gallon tax has been on the table for a while.  Now the Oregon Department of Transportation is ready to roll out a pilot program to test the system.

SOU Future/Another Angle

Southern Oregon University has a lot of people pulling for it as it sketches out a plan for future viability.  SOU president Mary Cullinan joined us to describe the process of having two teams map out future priorities.  Today former professor Timothy Dolan will join us with an alternate view, suggesting that SOU MUST change, because its current path is unsustainable.