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California's Carbon Auction + VENTSday

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Nov 28, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- November 28, 2012 HOUR 1

Cap-and-Trade Auction

California's Air Resources Board recently held its first auction of greenhouse gas allowances--the nuts and bolts of cap and trade to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.  We'll talk cap and trade in principle and in this new practice with the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Our weekly ritual is renewed, as we throw a pair of topics on the table--in theory, unrelated--and open up the phone lines and the email box to gather your take on either or both of the issues.  It's VENTSday on The Jefferson Exchange, and you participate by calling 1-800-838-3760 or 541-552-6782 or emailing
THIS WEEK: 1) Prayer in public meetings, schools and more... out loud or in silence?
2) California's first cap-and-trade auction: good start or disappointing bust?