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Ranchers on Stream Flow Determination + Healthcare as a Human Right

The Jefferson Exchange
Released on Dec 6, 2012

Jefferson Exchange -- December 6, 2012, HOUR 1

Scott/Shasta Water Issues

It's a general rule of thumb that discussions of water allocations in the West will always be contentious.  And so they are with the Scott and Shasta Rivers.  The California Department of Fish and Game will eventually establish minimum in-stream flows, but lawsuits and disagreements stalled the process more than three years ago. It is re-starting now, but is off to a rocky start.  We'll talk to Siskiyou County ranchers about their perspective.

Health Care=Human Right?

We're on the way to universal health care in America, but some of us want to get a step beyond simple insurance coverage.  Eugene will be the site of a rally in favor of establishing health care as a basic human right.  You'll hear more on the concept and the rally in support of it.