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The LCCH Podcast - #39

The Therapycast from LCCH International

Release Date: 02/29/2016

In this episode, depression, inflammation, sleep and mindfulness all come under the spotlight.

The sleep research:
Westermann J, Lange T, Textor J and Born J (2015) System consolidation during sleep - a common principle underlying psychological and immunological memory formation Trends in Neurosciences 38(10): 585-597

Cordi MJ, Schlarb AA and Rasch B (2014) Deepening sleep by hypnotic suggestion Sleep 37(6): 1143-1152

Professor Millers depression and cytokine research:
Raison, C. L., Rutherford, R. E., Woolwine, B. J., Shuo, C., Schettler, P., Drake, D. F., Haroon E and Miller A H (2013) A randomized controlled trial of the tumor necrosis factor antagonist infliximab for treatment-resistant depression: the role of baseline inflammatory biomarkers JAMA Psychiatry 70(1): 31-41

Two reviews of the role of cytokines in depression can be read here:
Köhler O, Benros ME, Nordentoft M, Farkouh ME, Iyengar RL, Mors O and Krogh J (2014) Effect of anti-inflammatory treatment on depression, depressive symptoms, and adverse effects: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials JAMA Psychiatry 71(12): 1381-1391

Mills NT, Scott JG, Wray NR, Cohen‐Woods S and Baune BT (2013) Research review: the role of cytokines in depression in adolescents: a systematic review Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 54(8) 816-835

The MBCT and depression research:
Kuyken W, Hayes R, Barrett B, Byng R, Dalgleish T, Kessler D, Lewis G, Watkins E, Brejcha C, Cardy J, Causley A, Cowderoy S, Evans A, Gradinger F, Kaur S, Lanham P, Morant, N, Richard J, Shah P, Sutton H, Vicary R, Weaver A, Wilks J, Williams M, Taylor RS and Byford S (2015) Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy compared with maintenance antidepressant treatment in the prevention of depressive relapse or recurrence (PREVENT): a randomised controlled trial The Lancet 386(9988): 63-73