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The LCCH Podcast - #40

The Therapycast from LCCH International

Release Date: 03/29/2016

In today's sojourn into the world of therapy we explore why complaining is bad for you, how anxiety is hard wired into the brain and look at yet more worrying potential side effects of vaping.

The anxiety research

Laufer O, Israeli D and Paz R (2016) Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms of Overgeneralization in Anxiety Current Biology In Press

The e-cigarette research

Allen JG, Flanigan SS, LeBlanc M, Vallarino J, MacNaughton P, Stewart J H Christiani DC (2016) Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes: Diacetyl, 2, 3-Pentanedione, and Acetoin in a Sample of 51 Products, Including Fruit-, Candy-, and Cocktail-Flavored E-Cigarettes Environmental Health Perspectives In Press