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The LCCH Podcast - #45

The Therapycast from LCCH International

Release Date: 09/26/2016

In today’s show we stay sober for October, explore the public’s perception of hypnotherapy based on stage hypnosis, and look at research showing hypnotherapy can reduce fatigue experienced by radiotherapy breast cancer patients, and how hypnotherapy can be used to ease a little reported condition: the discomfort of hot flushes experienced by men.


Go Sober for October:



Radiotherapy fatigue research:

Montgomery GH, David D, Kangas M, Green S, Sucala,M, Bovbjerg DH.  Hallquist MN and Schnur JB. 2014) Randomized controlled trial of a cognitive-behavioral therapy plus hypnosis intervention to control fatigue in patients undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer Journal of Clinical Oncology 32(6): 557-563

Hot flushes in men research:

Elkins GR, Kendrick C and Koep L (2014) Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy for Treatment of Hot Flashes Following Prostate Cancer Surgery: A Case Study International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 62(3): 251-259