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The Majority Report with Sam Seder

1735 - Franken Resigns, Sam Seder Returns w/ Cliff Schecter & Andy Kindler

The Majority Report with Sam Seder
Released on Dec 8, 2017

Good afternoon. On today's show, Mike Cernovich flails in an NPR interview, and Cliff Schecter joins us to discuss Al Franken's resignation. Also: Comedian Andy Kindler joins us to talk Weird Mike and the GOP tax cuts (with some Jew jokes thrown in for good measure), the gang enjoys a video of Christian Youtuber Jim Beckwith trying to take us down, and Sam threatens our audience with a talking Dennis Miller doll.

On the fun half: A man with ALS grills Jeff Flake (of the performative bullshit fake resistance) on his handling of DACA, a homophobic state lawmaker freaks out at a Democrat for touching his arm, Papadopoulos' fiance inflates his role in Russiagate, Roy Moore thinks America is evil because we promote same-sex marriage, a bro speaks out on his right to party, Mike Pence snitched on his frat in college, Addison in Ohio pushes back on some things Cliff said about Franken, and a disabled veteran describes his struggle to get adequate mental healthcare.

Cast: Sam Seder (@samseder), Michael Brooks (@_michaelbrooks) Matt Lech (@mattlech), Jamie Peck (@jamie_elizabeth), Brendan Finn (@BF1nn)

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