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Mindful Mama Movement Podcast

Episode 7: How to Nurture Your Business or Personal Interests While Raising Your Kids

Mindful Mama Movement Podcast
Released on Oct 25, 2016

In today's show, Episode 7, you're going to meet Dana Malstaff, founder of Boss Mom.

Dana is infectious and energizing.  She mixes her playful side with her deep knowledge, experience and passion for building community and bringing women together while raising their children and raising their businesses.

If you aren't starting or running a business, you are still going to benefit from this interview. Dana talks about the balance, or lack of balance, we all feel when juggling being a mom with our work and personal lives.  She talks about how we can shed guilt so we can give both our kids and our work the attention they need.

Dana says the word "work" is not a negative thing and that we all have ups and downs on the journey of motherhood.  She shares how our practice is to make personal daily assessments so we can learn how to listen to our gut and see what's not working so we don't ignore what we love and so that we can truly go for what we want.   

Dana shares how to create a dream maker and deal breaker list so you can see where to apply energy in your life.  You are going to love this conversation!

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