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Mindful Mama Movement Podcast

Episode 12: Waking Up to the Ordinary Moments & Choosing Love Over Fear with Katrina Kenison

Mindful Mama Movement Podcast
Released on Nov 29, 2016

Today’s show, Episode 12, is a particularly special one for us because we have the incredible honor of speaking with one of our favorite authors, Katrina Kenison.

Katrina is the mother of two young men in their 20’s, has been writing about motherhood for 20 years, and has published 4 books about motherhood.

We especially love that Katrina is authentic, honest, vulnerable, and shares her real life in such a beautiful way. Her words have the power to make you feel as if you're living her life right beside her.

In this episode, we specifically talk with Katrina about her experiences writing about her life as a mother (and what her family really thinks about it), her tips for writing a memoir of your own, how the ordinary moments are truly the greatest gifts, what we as mothers need to remember in the wake of the recent election, her self-care practices, and so much more.

Katrina has some incredible insights and unique approaches to parenting; including why praising our children may not always be the best way to handle certain situations.

Katrina provides an incredible example of being a Mindful Mama by making the decision to choose love over fear and reads a beautiful, and powerful, excerpt from her new book.

Katrina has been kind enough to offer to answer your questions inside the Mindful Mama Movement Facebook Group so join us there and don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect with her.

Katrina Kenison Quotes from the show:

“You want life to just be as it is and change is really the thing that we can be certain of. So, we have to learn to ride those waves of change.”

“I think it’s so easy for us to fall into a pattern of praising our children and I don’t actually think that does them any good.”

“If I had it to do over again myself, I think I would be even more conscious of the language that I used with my children.”

“When it’s over it’s really, really over. Which, I guess, is why I just encourage mothers at every age to just stay awake. Pay attention. Be aware of how fleeting it all is.”


To learn more about Katrina, visit her website

Click here to purchase her latest book, Moments of Seeing: Reflections from an Ordinary Life.