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Mindful Mama Movement Podcast

Episode 17: Creating Deep Connections & Doing Your Best with Hala Khouri

Mindful Mama Movement Podcast
Released on Jan 17, 2017

In today's show, we have the honor of speaking with Hala Khouri, a yoga instructor and somatic psychologist living in L.A., about healing trauma through movement, learning to step back and allow your children to forge their own path, and staying centered and connected in your parenting journey.

Hala has two boys, ages 6 and 9, co-founded a nonprofit organization called "Off the Mat Into the World" that aims to bridge yoga, activism and social justice, and still makes time to sip her coffee each day. She is genuine, relatable and provides wonderful insight into parenting in the phase she describes as a "constant state of humiliation and inspiration."

Haha reminds us that so much of our work is staying out of our children's growth and just doing our best in each moment. You can visit her website at

Hala will be in Kansas City in September 2017 to offer an "Off the Mat, Into the World" workshop with co-founders Seane Corn and Suzanne Sterling. The workshop is a 5 day intensive entitled "Yoga Purpose and Action" where you will explore what the world is calling on you to do and discover your purpose within a justice framework.


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Quotes from the show:

"It's been an interesting journey to try to step back and do more underparenting so they (my children) can experience their own resilience and not lean on me all the time."

"What I'm trying to let go of for myself is me needing to know how much they need me or love me or that I'm a good mom. They can't meet that need for me...they just need to live their lives and I need to trust that I'm a good parent and a good person and not need that validation from them."

"I feel like so much of the disconnect that we experience in our lives is about being disconnected from our own bodies, from our sensations, from our breath. To me that's really one of the most powerful forms of healing is moving our bodies and being in relationship to our bodies."