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Misfits: Wisdoms with unconventional Singaporean

Ep 12 - Meet the Bestselling Author of The Teenage Textbook, Adrian Tan

Misfits: Wisdoms with unconventional Singaporean
Released on Dec 17, 2016

Adrian Tan is the author of The Teenage Textbook and The Teenage Workbook which were both national bestsellers. The two books sold over 50,000 copies. The books were made into a film - The Teenage Textbook Movie, which topped the box office in Singapore for four weeks. In 2015, The Teenage Textbook was selected by The Business Times as one of the Top 10 English Singapore books from 1965–2015.

Adrian is currently a lawyer with Morgan Lewis in Singapore and specialises in intellectual property and information technology law. On his off-duty days, Adrian also judges on the International Emmy Award-nominated debate TV show - The Arena.