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#25: ShiGGa Shay - The Hip Hop Artist From Singapore Who Made It

Misfits: Wisdoms with unconventional Singaporean

Release Date: 06/25/2017

Pek Jin Shen, 25, better known by his stage name ShiGGa Shay is a Singaporean hip-hop artist, songwriter, director, and music producer.

In 2012, ShiGGa was named the "Unsigned Talent of The Week" by WorldStarHipHop.

He was the first Singaporean hip-hop Artist that made it to iTunes top chart with his song, LimPeh.

In 2016, ShiGGa Shay was invited by the US Ambassador to perform at the White House State Dinner after-party.

ShiGGa is also a founder member of hip hop group Grizzle Grind Crew, as well as production company Grizzle Films.

He films and art-directs most of his music videos.

In this conversation, we spoke about

  • ShiGGa Shay's vision for his career
  • How ShiGGa Shay dealt with the passing of his father
  • ShiGGa's advice for young budding artists