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My Classic Album with Mike Norris

Episode 15: 'Parallel Lines' with Big Boy Bloater

My Classic Album with Mike Norris
Released on Aug 31, 2017

This month Mike is 'Hanging on the Telephone' (or Skype to be more precise) with Big Boy Bloater as they break down Blondie's classic album 'Parallel Lines'.

Mike and Bloater look back at the impact that producer Mike Chapman had on the band in the studio and how that hard work translated into an album that changed everything.

What were Mike's initial thoughts of Blondie upon starting work on the album?

Which track on 'Parallel Lines' was called 'the tenderest new wave love song put to vinyl' by Rolling Stone?

Why did some Blondie fans have such a problem with 'Heart of Glass'?


PLUS Mike reviews 'Dark Matter', the first studio album in nearly ten years from singer songwriter Randy Newman.


All this and more on the latest edition of 'My Classic Album'


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