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#45 Season 5 Episode 16

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 07/05/2017

Great Bounceback episode!!  This was a very emotional episode and we look at this from all angles.   Scarlet and Gunner adjust to having a baby made public.  Hallie records her Album. Juliette not happy with Hallie's choice of songs. Maddie finds out that Daphne is behind her social Media bullying.  Daphne loses her phone as punishment.  (oh the heartache).   Juliette goes off the deep end again.  Maddie and Daphne miss Mom's ability to solve problems.  Deacon has trouble managing the home situation.  Scarlett spills the beans to a reporter about Damien's fatherhood accidentally.  Girls make up.  



Going Down the Road Feeling Bad---Hallie

Who I love--Hallie

Count On Me--Hallie

Tennis shoes---Maddie & Daphne