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#46 Season 5 Episode 17

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 07/12/2017

Another solid episode.  Scarlett gets advice from Alyssa for a special concert.  Zach wants to sign Jessie.  Deacon will consider it.  Will meets with Budweiser to do a commercial.  Deacon meets with Jessie, finds a new friend.  Avery gives Hallie away to another producer for Juliette.  He decides to tour after all and Juliette doesn't take it that well.  Scarlett gets involved with a troubled fan.  Zach has two phones and has to deal with an Ex.  Will is not having it. Deacon and Jessie have a misunderstanding about each others intentions.  Scarlett solves her reporter problem (as well as a group of teens).  Deacon is overcome with emotion as he hears a powerful song sung by Jessie.



As the Crow Flies---The Exes

Good Man-------Will Lexington

Learning How to Lose You---Jessie Caine