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#49 Season 5 Episode 20

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 08/01/2017

Quite frankly, this episode didn't really do it for us.  We question with 3 episodes left in the season, why give us what felt like a "filler" episode?  We did like that it was a Gunnar centric episode since both he and Will have been absent much of the season. 

Maddie gets nominated for an AMA (against Katy Perry & Juliette Barnes).  Gunnar goes to his hometown to see the grandmother that raised him.  Deacon helps Jessie with a song.  Scarlett takes a self-defense class.  Brad is still an A-hole.  Gunnar has flashbacks about his parents dying, brother running away, and Grandma Dearest!  Maddie gives Juliette shade.  



Coat of Pain-----Jessie Caine

In the End------Gunnar Scott


A Long and Happy Life---Delta Rae