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#53 Season 6 Episode 1

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 01/09/2018

Welcome to the new season of everybody's favorite CMT show, Nashville.  Unfortunately, its also the last season.  Let's hope for 16 solid episodes.  This episode was a good start and we discuss our likes and dislikes and where we think things will go moving forward. In this episode's "Cliff Notes", Maddie gets a call to perform at a benefit in LA.  Deacon is mildly upset that it will be New Year's Eve when she is gone but gives her his blessing as long as Scarlett is a chaperone.  Juliette is super stressed and has been having a difficult time since she admitted to stealing Maddie's song for herself.  Gunnar is having trouble being creative on his own.  Will still misses Zach.  Juliette shuts down a performance after half a song due to hecklers.  Scarlett is also having trouble missing Gunnar.  Everyone Tells Deacon its time he put himself out there on the dating scene (Where is Jessie?).  Maddie meets Jonah Ford (Evidently, he is hotter than the Bieb).  Juliette meets Darius Wright who runs the Church of Coherent Philisophy (a cult?, a movement?--we shall see).  Juliette is intrigued and is vulnerable and when she uses his advice, she is all in.  Will saves Gunnar when he stumbles during a performance.  Family makes it back just in time to wish Deacon a Happy New Year!



Is There Anybody Out There----Juliette Barnes

Don't Come Easy--------Will Lexington

What it's Made For---------Maddie Jaymes

Anymore of This---------Us & Our Daughters

Never Come Back Again------Gunnar Scott