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#57 Season 6 Episode 5

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 02/07/2018

We both feel this episode might be the best so far in its young season.  Chip really brought his "A" game for his acting performance.

Cliff Notes---The boys decide they need a woman in the band to hit the high notes.  Maddie gets upset at Jonah after his ex puts out a video song disparaging her.  Deacon and Jessie want to take things up a notch but have difficulty finding the time and place at first. Juliette is asked by Darius to give back by helping others---in Bolivia!.  She and Avery do not see eye to eye on this even if its for just 2 weeks.  Boys discover Alana and ask her to be in the band where Gunnar promptly asks if she has a boyfriend---or a dog.  Deacon has an issue as he is overwhelmed with emotion and cannot go through with sleeping with Jessie.  Jessie feels self-conscious since she is not Rayna.  Progress is made as Deacon tells Jessie he feels close to her.  Avery and Juliette appear to have settled the Bolivia thing and they have a night of passion, but Avery wakes up the next morning alone with Juliette no where in sight.


Sweet Revenge-------Alana

Looking For The Light------Deacon

Go with It---------The boys & Alana

Hold On (Not Leaving You Behind)----------The boys & Alana