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TPMS 0027 Pivot or Pink Mist ft Michael Garrity

Product Management Show
Released on Feb 11, 2018

Originally released on Mar. 6, 2016 as Ready Product Radio episode 26, this episode we speak with Michael Garrity, founder and CEO of Financeit, a successful Toronto-based FinTech company which has processed more than $1B in applications from its target merchants.

Michael shares his incredible story of creating a peer-to-peer lending startup, hitting the wall that was the 2008 financial services meltdown, and pivoting to create what has become Financeit.

We talk about the many FinTech unicorns that Canada has created, the incredible scale of financial services, and the expensive but invaluable lessons Michael has learned during his journey.

Product Principle #13 is inspired by Michael Garrity:

  • It is important to pick a market segment niche you can dominate, but make sure it is in a market big enough that you can pivot when needed (because you will need to pivot)

Enjoy the show.

Michael can be found at:

Financeit can be found at:


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