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TPMS 0031 Entrepreneur's Life Redux ft Eli Alston

Product Management Show
Released on Feb 11, 2018

Originally released on Apr. 3, 2016 this episode features interview #2 in our “Entrepreneur’s Journey” series with friend and serial entrepreneur Eli Alston.  If you haven’t listened to Episode 11 where we introduced Eli and this series you may want to do so before listening to this episode.

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As usual we kick off the episode with a couple of sound bytes to introduce some of the topics we will be covering.  

Product Principle #21 is inspired by Eli’s journey:

  • Sometimes you are ahead of your customer and sometimes they are ahead of you!
  • Innovators whether Product people or Entrepreneurs must balance early adopter feedback (aka rejection) against cognitive disonance (aka denial).

Enjoy the show.

Eli Alston can be found at:

Episode 11 can be found here:


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