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TPMS 0032 Sense and Respond ft Matt Sheridan

Product Management Show
Released on Feb 11, 2018

Originally released on Apr. 10, 2016 as Ready Product Radio episode 31, this episode we speak with Matt Sheridan, CEO and Founder of Nix Sensor Ltd based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Matt and his team have set out to create “a tape measure for color”.

Matt tells us his story from his childhood years tinkering on his home workbench to being on the McMaster University Solar Car project team to what spurred him to create a multi-purpose low-cost color sensor.   

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This week we skip the introductory sound bytes and jump right into our interview.

Product Principle #22 is inspired by Matt’s journey:

  • Niche, niche, niche but also listen, listen, listen.
  • Sure, start with a narrow niche but also listen to early customer feedback and let your market will decide.

Enjoy the show.

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(Thanks Matt!)

Matt can be found at:


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