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TPMS 0039 FUNNY Debate - Product Manager vs Product Owner

Product Management Show
Released on Feb 11, 2018

Originally released on Nov. 5, 2017 as Ready Product Radio episode 38, this episode is INTENDED TO BE FUNNY.  In Canada there is a humorous radio show by the CBC called the Debaters where 2 stand-up comedians debate on such silly topics as Cake vs Pie.  

This week’s episode is inspired by The Debaters and features a light-hearted and humorous debate between Steve Johnson and Saeed Khan on the topic of Product Manager vs Product Owner.

Remember the goal here is to entertain with a few chuckles.  

This humorous episode will be followed up by a more serious discussion between Steve and Saeed on this timely topic.  

Product Principle #30 is:

  • Someday you will look back at this and laugh, right?
  • So why wait?
  • Laugh now, laugh often.
  • It’s good medicine.   

Enjoy the show!