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TPMS 0041 FUNNY Debate - Waterfall vs Agile

Product Management Show
Released on Feb 11, 2018

Welcome product people to episode 41 of the Product Management Show.

Whether you work IN product management or WITH product management or maybe you are curious or confused about Product Management then you are in the right place.  Welcome.

Here in Canada we have a humorous radio show on CBC radio called the debaters.  This show features stand up comedians doing mock debates on bizarre topics such as Cake vs Pie.  The goal is to enjoy some laughs.

This episode follows that exact same recipe for the topic of Agile vs Waterfall.

Our guests Saeed Khan and Lee Bonnell trade humorous jabs while being questioned and judge by our referree Neeha Tummala.

Listeners note this is short episode with about 20 minutes of content and will pair well with a long dog walk, a short commute, a leisurely soak in the bath or good warm up on the stairmaster.  

Product Principle #41 is borrowed from the great Yogi Berra:

  • “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.  But in practice there is”

Enjoy the show!