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TPMS 0042 Agile vs Waterfall ft Lee Saeed and Neeha

Product Management Show
Released on Feb 11, 2018

Welcome listeners to episode 42 of the Product Management Show.

Whether you work IN product management or WITH product management or maybe you are just curious or confused about Product Management then you are in the right place.  Welcome.

In this episode we welcome back Saeed Khan, Lee Bonnell and Neeha Thumala.

This episode is the serious follow-up to our Episode 39 humorous debate on Waterfall vs Agile.

We set humor aside this time and discuss Waterfall vs Agile more fully and seriously.  

Listeners note this is a long-form episode with about 62 minutes of content and will pair well with a long commute, a short flight, several loads of laundry or mild case of insomnia.  

Product Principle #40 is borrowed from Rich Rogers:

  • “Agility is not about speed.  Agility is about navigating ambiguity and adapting to change.”

Enjoy the show!