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Reality Check with Craig Price

Episode 206 - Anastasia Turchetta - 2016 Dental Health Check-Up

Reality Check with Craig Price
Released on Aug 9, 2016


Anastasia Turchetta (@AnastasiaRDH on twitter) return with host Craig Price fo her Dental Health Check-Up for 2016. If it is time for the National Speakers Association's annual convention than it must be time for Craig and Anastasia to discuss the latest in dental doings. The two recorded a facebook live video while recording the podcast and covered a slew of topics. They discuss Anastasia's latest venture Coffee Chat's where she interviews leaders in dentistry on stage for meetings and events. They also discuss an antimicrobial liquid called silver diamine fluoride that can be brushed on cavities to stop tooth decay — painlessly! Though there is side effects, like black gums. How attractive. Craig  also discovers how much he is grossed out by the term e-juice. The stuff you put into e-cigs. That's right. E-juice. That in more to get your smile up to snuff!

Anastasia can be found at and her weekly YouTube video Humpday Happenings can be found at