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RL 69: Dr. Rachel Fry —Mental Health is Your Greatest Tool as a Lawyer

The Resilient Lawyer with Jeena Cho
Released on Dec 25, 2017

In this episode, I am excited to have on my personal friend Dr. Rachel Fry. Rachel joins the show to speak on the importance of mental health in a profession that not only can be exhausting on our faculties, but requires us to be of top mental fortitude at all times. Dr. Rachel Fry is a clinical psychologist in Birmingham, Alabama.  She is passionate about helping her clients become more aware and intentional in their daily lives, in an effort to create a better balance and reduce overall stress. Dr. Fry has a lot of experience working with lawyers, in her practice and also with programs she has led and coordinated with law firms and bar associations. 

Topics Covered

  • How to discern when is the right time to seek help and when tips to recognizing and bringing personal awareness to your current state.
  • Rachel talks about the trends of issues that can affect lawyers, finding happiness in where you are at, and the importance of reframing your thoughts on your career identity.
  • We define what it means when we talk about setting boundaries and concrete tools to help draw and outline these boundaries.
  • We take a look at self-care as something that you have to work at daily and the importance of seeing it as a mandatory practice and not selfish.

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