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Savage Love Episode 554

Savage Lovecast

Release Date: 06/06/2017

A woman wants to try a three-way. But all the posts online are riddled with spelling and grammar errors. (Not sexy!) How can she forge a more classy connection?

A woman has been with her fiancé for 5 years. He loves to play with her nipples, but she hates it. And guess what? She has never told him this. Before they wed, how can she confess that she's been grinning and bearing it the whole time?

On the Magnum, how drunk does a straight boy have to be before he'll get it on with another guy? An intrepid scientific researcher went into the field to find out.

And a lesbian wonders how she can improve her relationship with her father, when he thinks she's possessed by the devil. Tricky.


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