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Savage Love Episode 560

Savage Lovecast

Release Date: 07/18/2017

A man's girlfriend won't let him watch Game of Thrones due to all the violence against women. Does she have the right? Should we all be boycotting the show? Salon's Amanda Marcotte is here to weigh in.

A lesbian is exploring dom/sub play with her girlfriend. Her girlfriend wants her to talk dirty and tell her to shut up. But our lesbian feels uncomfortable in their small apartment with thin walls. What's a GGG girl to do?

On the Magnum, how much fisting is too much fisting? A University of Washington gynecologist is here to help.

And, From Frumpy Father to Hot Daddy: A former Mormon has come out, lost a bunch of weight and is finally living a fulfilling life. The hitch? He can't come with other men. Not yet...


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