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Savage Love Episode 577

Savage Lovecast

Release Date: 11/14/2017

It appears we have reached a cultural moment when we need "The Ten Dick Commandments." Dan chisels a few in the tablet.

Gather round the circle listeners, as Dan invokes the serenity prayer to council a woman who is being trolled by her neighbor's WiFi network name.

A trans man who has not yet begun his transition, is angry and frustrated that he can't find any gay men who are interested in him. Buck Angel, (a.k.a the Man with a Pussy) swoops in to give much-needed, rational perspective.

On the Magnum: Get Thee to a Therapist, Go.

A treasure trove of callers who perhaps could use the services of an actual professional. 

Or not. Whatever.

Hey did you hear? We made Time Magazine's list of the top 50 podcasts "right now." So there's that.


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