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Savage Lovecast

Savage Love Episode 585

Savage Lovecast
Released on Jan 9, 2018

A man is into being tied up and pegged. But his wife finds it dull, tedious, boring and stultifying. Should he give up on the idea, or find a way to convince his wife that she could have some fun here.

Oh no! More S&M trouble! A woman had a great date with a hot dom who dommed her so, so right. But now she feels nothing but shame. How can she clear out all the kink-phobia from her naughty brain?

On the Magnum, our resident sex toy reviewer Erika Moen has found a toy to help you DO YOUR KEGELS. Do them now.

And, can we accurately gauge how good a parent someone will be based on how they treat a cute, little puppy-dog?


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