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Savage Love Episode 589

Savage Lovecast

Release Date: 02/06/2018

A female college student is busy planning her orgy. She wants to make sure the night is comfortable, fun and safe, with minimal awkwardness. Dan Savage, (the Martha Stewart of orgy planning,)  is here to help.

A man's good (female) friend is planning to go on a date with one of his acquaintances. What the man knows, and the friend doesn't is that this date is a transman. Should he tip off his friend ahead of time? Or let it unspool in it's own sweet time?

Yikes! The robots are making the porn now! Erotic film director, screenwriter and producer Erika Lust is on to raise the alarm about our dystopian porny future.

After a lot of seriously GGG effort, a woman has finally learned to enjoy anal sex. The problem is she comes too fast, and then wants that dick OUTTA THERE before her man can get his orgasm. Dan has some power bottom tips to share.


Got real just there didn't it?


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