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Self Publishing Journeys

Paul's Podcast Diary 2nd September 2017

Self Publishing Journeys
Released on Sep 2, 2017

1) Some good Createspace royalties coming my way, I've been selling decent numbers of paperbacks recently, mainly non-fictions and in particular, my Mailchimp book. I've received net earnings of Earnings of £380.30 this month, with zero promotion, and although I want it to be much more, this seems to be a reasonable amount:
Createspace Royalties

2) I wanted to get back to exercising over summer and I exceeded my two-times-per-week target and managed three times each week over the 6-week holiday period:

Exercise stats

3) I've been linking my paperbacks with my Kindle versions - it's important to do this! Just drop the KDP helpdesk an email:KDP

4) I formatted my first paperback with Vellum and it's fabulous - a huge cost-saving and it took no time at all:Vellum formatting

Non-Mac users check out my How To Use Vellum On A PC:

5) Winter is coming with Wordpress! This is important and worrying info for Wordpress users:

6) Check out the new group giveaways feature on Instafreebie: [My affiliate link]