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Sharing Needles with Friends

226 // Rod Stewart and GoT Cosplay

Sharing Needles with Friends
Released on Mar 6, 2017

In this episode we discuss Rod Stewart reenacting a beheading video in the desert, claims he was playing Game of Thrones, Tom Hanks and his rapper son Chet Haze, the Florida man that tried to steal microphones using the identity of Nickleback's drummer, Spotify's new Hi-Fi service maybe coming soon? Tom Delonge wins UFO Researcher of the Year and the new movie "Get Out."


And listener questions such as worst places we've traveled, adding a sub to your set up, how to transport your record collection cross country , negative things about our favorite bands, record store day, the new film "Logan," Metallica's "Some Kind of Monster," and Emo and Screamo music.