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Sharing Needles with Friends

229 // The Internet is a Vicious Place...

Sharing Needles with Friends
Released on Mar 27, 2017

In this episode we discuss Tool's discography coming to streaming services, Josh Homme being sued for "berating" an autograph seeker, Trump seeking legal action on a 17-year old girl for staring #TrumpCat, and we talked a bit about the RSD list for 2017.

We also answered listener questions ranging from Albums we've regrettably sold, the latest Los Campesinos! record, what Cult we would choose to join, things that are dead to us, what record label we own the most releases of, favorite pizza toppings, top 5 classic rock albums, how to clean your records, our band See Monsters, silly love songs, and we play music from Nashville, TN band "Overwatcher."