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Sharing Needles with Friends

239 // Blink-182 is "Coal," and Radiohead is "Renewable Energy."

Sharing Needles with Friends
Released on Jun 19, 2017

In this episode we talk about Father's Day, the decline of Fidget Spinners with the new addition of band branded spinners, Blink182's "Dude Ranch" and Radiohead's "Ok Computer" came out the same year... weird, Gene Simmons is attempting to trademark the devil horns hand gesture and Ronnie James Dio's wife says "it belongs to everyone," more talk on Sour Beers, the new music from Arcade Fire and The Killers, the new Queens of the Stone Age produced by Mark Ronson, Steve Earle calls out Noel Gallagher calling him the "most overrated songwriter in pop music," Lars Ulrich is somehow knighted, Rhino / Warner announces LCD Soundsystem reissues, James Murphy calls bullshit and says "Order from DFA," seriously... do THAT!