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Sharing Needles with Friends

246 // Cereal Killer

Sharing Needles with Friends
Released on Aug 7, 2017

In this episode we start talk a little talk about doom metal, stoner metal, and black metal... never a bad way to begin. We get right into talking about how bad artwork and band names can turn people away (or at least us,) Danny Trujillo's son plays bass with Korn in a new documentary, Jane's Addiction and Dave Nevarro, the Foo Fighters MASSIVE post-Lollapalooza set-list, Muse, Martin Shkreli and his recent court troubles for being a jerk, Donald Trump "Shitty Tweets" toilet paper, Sean Spicer passing up Dancing with the Stars, Liam Gallagher walks off stage after 20 minutes at Lollapalooza, Danzig is selling his shitty house in Los Feliz for 1.2 million dollars, and when is satire just not funny?