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Ayurvedic Daily Routine to Uplevel your Health and Increase your Energy - Conversation with Melanie Phillips [Episode 130]

The Sivana Podcast

Release Date: 08/08/2017

Learn easy-to-implement Ayurvedic best-practices that up-level your sense of well-being and balance on a daily basis. Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Melanie Phillips, speaks to us about how to set the ideal sankalpa (daily intention), how our psychology affects our physiology, and why we all need a tongue scraper (and where to get the best one!) This episode is full of both detailed Ayurvedic wisdom and practical tips you can implement right away. Enjoy! 

Melanie is an author, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Energy Healer and yoga teacher trainer.

She created the Madhuri Method: 85 hr-Ayurvedic Yoga Training & the Inner Empowerment Mentorship program, both to assist souls in a practical and empowering way to know their own brilliance and experience freedom and self-love. She is the co-author of "Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care through Ayurveda and Yoga Practices that Work.”


Special Guest: Melanie Phillips



Creator & Host: Brett Larkin



Sound Engineer: Zach Cooper



Producer: Benn Mendelson