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"Day One: The Christmas Drum" from the Martin & Sylvia Twelve Days of Christmas Story Collection

Sparkle Stories Podcast
Released on Dec 25, 2017

About Day One: The Christmas Drum

This story is a part of Martin & Sylvia's Twelve Days of Christmas Story Collection.


In these stories, Martin and Sylvia explore what it means to celebrate the traditional "Twelve Days of Christmas," inspired by twelve delightful tales from 18th century Maine. Each story contains a "story-within-the-story" - about the colonial town of Tullyport as the founding families create Christmas traditions and celebrations that are unique, delightful and rich with community connection.


This story is Day One: The Christmas Drum.

It’s Christmas Morning.   All of the presents have been opened.  “Is all of the fun over?” the children wonder.  Then they notice something in golden wrapping paper hiding behind the tree.  It is a record album called ‘Twelve Tales of Tullyport Christmas’ – an album from Daddy’s childhood.  When their neighbors, the Browns, join them for Christmas breakfast, Daddy pulls out his old record player, and they listen to the first story together.   All are delighted in the possibilities of a new Christmas tradition.


From “Twelve Tales of a Tullyport Christmas: The Christmas Drum.”  

In the story, Francis Tully and his family leave Ballyclare, Northern Ireland and arrive in colonial Maine in 1760 to see rocky shores, white pines and great possibility.  They bring some clothes, some tools and an Irish frame drum that Francis insists will bring others together – to live, work and celebrate together.


This story honors the community impulse that is central to Christmastide. 


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