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Beyond The Pale

Episode 022: "So I Married A Heretic" with Marylee & Andrew Hackman

Beyond The Pale
Released on Jul 30, 2016

What happens when you are part of a church leadership team and your spouse tells you he doesn't believe in God anymore?  Marylee Hackman shares the challenges and breakthroughs as she and her husband found a better, more "Christ-like" life, outside of religious belief.

4:35  Marylee shares about the walk where Andy told her he didn't believe in God anymore

9:50  Andrew shares how the church they helped establish ostracised them

18:00  Marylee shares how moving outside the evangelical system made them better people

20:25  How the next generation will have less religious baggage

22:20  The bad theology of Jack Chick comics

26:00  How to respond when your spouse begins to doubt